Why are bean bag chairs so expensive?

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Bean bags and the question regarding bean bags are always in the air. One of the most common questions about them is, why are bean bag chairs so expensive?

Many people want to decorate their indoor and outdoor furniture with this trendy furniture but must consider the price range. Frustrated, they want to know the overprice of the beanbag. If you are one of them, this article is for you.

We will explain all the reasons here. Read the full article to have a complete idea and reduce your cost of bean bags.

Why is a bean bag so expensive?

Several reasons are behind the expenses of the beanbag. Let us explore them.

1. Leather Cover

Bean bag covers have a great impact on the prices of them. Manufacturers of bean bag chairs employ various fabrics for the covers. Leather is a high-end cover option. Like any other style, leather furniture will likely be more costly than other options. Leather is a high-end material. It’s challenging to create and requires careful processing. Leather is cheaper to source and use in production because it is not mass-produced.

Bean bag chairs are like that. Manufacturers must import massive quantities of premium leather to keep up with demand. The manufacturers painstakingly stitched the leather together to create the chair. The manufacturers painstakingly stitched the leather together to create the chair. Leather’s many laudable qualities include its long lifespan, ability to keep its shape and warmth, and softness and comfort.

Heat is less likely to be trapped in a leather bean bag than in a fabric bag. As a result, you won’t sweat as much while relaxing on your bean bag chair. A leather bean bag, while luxurious, comes with additional expenses in the form of regular upkeep. In the long run, that will cost more money.

To preserve its form, leather requires constant care and attention. Neglecting primary care will cause the leather to dry out and shred. Investing in the proper oil to preserve the leather may seem reasonable at first, but it will add up over the life of the bean bag. Leather bean bags have the benefit of longevity.

The leather is sufficiently thick to prevent the bean bag from ripping. Denser materials are more resistant to ripping. Since it lasts a long time, you won’t have to replace as many bean bags. A sufficient return on investment from a one-time investment is essential for manufacturers. This means that leather bean bags have a high price tag.

2. Silk Covers

 A silk bean bag comes in at number two on the price list. Similar to leather, silk is a costly material to manufacture. There may be a delay in the completion of the bag if the silk still needs to be ready. Silkworms are fed mulberry leaves by those who utilize mulberry silk. The production of silk depends on the silkworms. Thus, they must be patient. Once they have amassed sufficient supplies, they can begin manufacturing the silk bean bag. We consider silk a premium fabric due to its many desirable qualities.

People can tell how luxurious you are by looking at your silk bean bags. That might make flaunting them a  pleasure. The issue with silk is that it requires a lot of upkeep.

Silk bean bags require gentle hand washing with mild soap if they become stained. The stain may remain even after that. Silk covers are the way to go if you’re looking for luxury in your bean bag chairs. You’ll have to shell out the additional cash to acquire them.

3. Nylon Covers

 The cost of a bean bag can also go up if you wrap it in nylon because nylon performs so well in natural environments. The bean bag will remain dry inside thanks to its waterproof construction. Nylon is highly sought after by homeowners who wish to utilize their bean bags outside because of its water-repellent properties.

The issue is that their price is significantly higher. That’s because producers are well aware of the challenges involved in making watertight bean bags. The limited supply and tremendous demand cause the price to skyrocket. It’s more expensive to produce because it has to be manufactured. They need resources to make it, such as compensating workers and maintaining machinery.

This causes the cost of the beanbag chair to rise. Nylon is long-lasting also, albeit more so than leather. But if you plan on taking your bean bag outside or are concerned about spills, this is the perfect material.

4. Inner Covers

 Bean bags may or may not have inside covers. The ones that require a higher monetary investment.

That’s because they make interior coverings of a different material that requires manufacture and processing. This is an unnecessary added expense for the sellers.

Therefore, the cost of the bean bag has increased. Having an inside cover does have some advantages. They provide an additional safeguard for the beads contained within the pouch.

Some inside covers can stop water from getting to the beads because they are waterproof.

This can protect the beads from the effects of moisture and prolong their useful life.

Some others provide an additional soothing effect. It can make using the bean bag more comfortable by providing more padding. A higher price tag comes with this extra measure of safety and convenience.

5. Waterproof Filler

What is inside a bean bag also decides its price. Waterproof filler is another type that can run high in price. The components used in this filler do not absorb water. If you plan on taking your bean bag chair outside, this filler is an excellent option to keep on hand. The beads could be ruined if the filler isn’t watertight and becomes wet. The bean bag could degrade, develop mold, or experience some other issue that would render it unusable.

If the filling is watertight, it will maintain its form and softness even if wet. Waterproof filler production is similarly expensive. Because of its human-built nature, additional time, effort, and processing are necessary to ensure proper functioning. They mount up quickly.

This is why bean bag chairs with waterproof fillers are more expensive.

That raises the total cost of the beanbag chair.

6. Heat-Resistant Filler

 Spend the extra money and get a bean bag chair filled with heat-resistant material for the ultimate relaxation. They filled some bean bag chairs with a heat-resistant material rather than natural beads to prevent the bag from overheating. Bean bags keep you warm because they shape your body.

As a result, you feel warmer and may even start sweating. Sweating when seated is not pleasant. Heat-resistant filler is helpful for this purpose. It’s a filler that won’t get hot in your hands. This helps to maintain a calm exterior. Bean bags are expensive because heat-resistant beads must be manufactured in a separate plant. Making anything that isn’t heat resistant already requires a small investment of time and materials.

To ensure its functionality, more quality control tests are necessary. The bean bag’s price must reflect the significant expense of producing heat-resistant beads. It must bring in enough money to pay for production and make it worthwhile. Bean bags with heat-resistant beads are worth the extra cost if you value comfort above sweating.

7. Larger Sizes

 There’s a bean bag to fit any space. Some are compact and designed for individual use.

Some are small, while others can accommodate a complete family. The bigger the beanbag chair, the more it will cost. That’s because increased material costs accompany increased product size. More leather to cover a giant beanbag is a necessity. Additional padding material will be required.

The production and processing of this item will take longer. Because of its increased size, it will also be heavier. The weight and cost of shipment may change as a result. Shipping costs increase as package weight increases. The price of the beanbag is affected by all of these factors. A bean bag the size of a standard couch will save you a lot of money.

8. Custom Shapes

There are buyer and designer instructions included with these bean bags. It encompasses not just the dimensions but also the overall form of the beanbag chair. Many designers often provide a sketch of the desired shape to the client. After deciding on a specific material, they place an order for it. Customers who want bespoke bean bag chairs insist on the highest quality fabrics. Therefore, they will go for leather.

Then, the premium filler will be used to assure comfort and durability. They want to place an order with a maker of bean bag chairs. The higher price tag reflects the extra time and effort to make a one-of-a-kind bean bag chair. They designed the assembly line for a different procedure. Hence this one won’t work. That procedure does not apply here.

The manufacturer must allocate personnel who can focus entirely on the order. The rest of their production line’s efficiency may suffer as a result. They will consider this when determining the ultimate cost of the work. The cost increases since personalized bean bag chairs take more time and effort to produce. Even more so for extra-large individualized bean bag seats.The greater the number of materials used, the greater the cost.

9. The Quality Of The Fabrics

The materials used in their construction may have played a role. Their manufacturers should only make from high-quality textiles beanbags. They, like clothing and conventional sitting, have a direct touch with the skin and must be comfortable. Customers must be at ease whether they’re seated or lying down.

It’s also essential that the material is sturdy. The consequences of a failed beanbag can be catastrophic. It’s useless because its insides have leaked out. The materials used in production must be exceptionally sturdy on their own. Thin, flimsy, and unreliable materials won’t do.

Modern beanbags are available in a dizzying array of high-quality fabrics. Creating or weaving synthetic materials like imitation suede or fur is a costly undertaking. Much effort is put into developing resilient and comfy variants that resist harsh conditions. Sometimes, more than the most comfortable and durable cloth will be required. It must also resist ultraviolet light, mold, mildew, and water. As a result, they meticulously crafted the skin using cutting-edge technology and lots of planning. Selling a sack full of junk is more challenging than it seems.

10. The Quantity Of Fabric

The greater your material requirements, the higher your costs will be. If you measure the price per square inch of beanbag material with that of apparel, you’ll quickly realize that the latter is significantly more affordable. You’ll get much more stuffing for your buck when you get a leather beanbag. Sofas, couches, slabs, and lounge beanbags come in various sizes. You can’t just shove them into the farthest reaches of a room. They frequently play a pivotal role.

Bean bags typically range in length from 150 to 200 cm and have a depth of 90 cm. One will require many square meters of material to cover the space.

11. High-Quality, Comfortable, Long-Lasting Fillers

We’ve focused a lot on the exterior of beanbags, but the interior is a significant factor in the final cost. The filling of a beanbag determines how pleasant and durable it will be. The low-quality fill doesn’t hold its shape well and usually only lasts briefly. It takes work to source high-quality fillers. Virgin polystyrene, which has not been used before, is superior. Since the molecules of polystyrene change during the recycling process, beanbags made from recycled polystyrene often break down more quickly.

Virgin polystyrenes have the ideal balance of resilience and durability. Most individuals prefer this style of filling. Organic fillers are an option, but they have their own set of problems. Manufacturers once used dry beans to stuff beanbag chairs. Some people are still doing it. Beans have a significant concentration of compost-resistant lectins and phytate. But like other plant-based materials, they decompose after some time. It is possible to have them restaffed, although doing so will increase the total cost of ownership.

Some beanbags even make use of cutting-edge aerospace materials. For example, memory foam is a common choice for filling since it is comfortable and easily molds to the body’s contours. To make a one-of-a-kind product, manufacturers chop it into pieces and pack it inside the bag. Since we can easily reshape it, memory foam usually has a long lifespan.

12. The Zipper

The zipper is another area of focus for beanbag makers. The best beanbags will include a torn zipper; quickly remove the old filling and put in fresh. This way, you can keep using your high-quality fabric long after the foam or beans have worn out. However, zippers do not feature a pull tag since beanbag fillings present a choking hazard. I must make the products in a particular fashion that prevents youngsters and infants from tampering with them.

A bean bag without a tag on the zipper pull can be difficult to figure out at first. It is a flaw in the product. However, it is codified in statute. Manufacturers of beanbags in Australia are required by law to remove the tab before releasing their products to the public.

Many manufacturers go to great lengths to fortify the zipper area because it is paramount to them. They frequently employ robust fabrics like nylon and double-stitch seams to prevent the zipper from coming undone when being pulled or yanked. Even though the zip is just a minor detail, it can end up costing quite a bit more.

13. Designer Finishes

The time and effort put into creating a piece of designer apparel are significant factors in its high price. Even the best tailors worldwide can only accomplish so much in a day. Their clothing is more expensive than average due to the need for more skills. Beanbags are the same way. Beautiful designer touches, and a select few can only make finishes. And that’s why specific models are so valuable.

Less expensive options are available, such as beanbags in standard forms. However, you usually have to pay designer prices for anything of aesthetic value. You’ll get the same high-end aesthetic from these that you expect from other designer furnishings.

14. Manufacturing And Distribution Expenses

There is a logic behind the high price tag attached to beanbag chairs. Producers invest heavily in continuous product development to satisfy consumer demand. For instance, there has been a rise in the availability of enormous beanbag chairs meant to be the focal point of any room.

The need for beanbags suitable for outdoor use is also driving innovation in the category. Consumers would like to be allowed to leave beanbags outside all summer long, preferably beside the pool. They must be stable in water and direct sunlight without deterioration. No one wants to spend money on a beanbag for use by the pool only to have it fall apart after a single summer of service.

Distribution fees are an additional charge on top of these. Beanbag filler could be cheap in and of itself, but the sheer volume of it poses a severe problem for shipping companies. The logistics industry must allocate much space in transport containers to less dense products.

Manufacturing beanbags are not cheap, especially when you factor in the price of manpower. Retailers must employ a large workforce to physically prepare beanbag orders by cutting fabric, sewing bags, and stuffing them. To put it bluntly, it’s pricey.

15. More Elegance and Quality: Costs Extra Dollars

You should expect to pay more for a higher-quality zipper and lock and higher-end materials. The expensive bean bags have expensive zippers because of the quality of the materials used to make them.  Additional equipment, such as speakers, might also affect cost. It is possible to find high-end bean bag chairs with speakers that connect to your mobile device or computer. They make for a more pleasurable gaming experience for the user. Chairs equipped with such functionalities are more expensive than standard bean bags.

One more common option is the bean bag bed. Bean bag chairs may have accessories like throw blankets and pillows for comfort. These contribute to a higher price because they improve both comfort and aesthetics. Extra comfort features like headrests, footrests, and armrests are aesthetically pleasing additions. On the other side, they are contributing to a rise in cost.

16. Covers with Extra Protection

As discussed in the preceding paragraphs, the bean bag’s cover significantly impacts the final cost. In addition, some bean bag covers have extra conveniences. Some of them are resistant to high temperatures, water, and ultraviolet light. Bean bags with these features are better suited for usage in the great outdoors than ordinary ones because they will last for a more extended period. Including one of those in your bean bag chair will increase the price beyond a standard one.

Maintaining a spotless bean bag is hard when you have kids around. Some bean bags feature stain-resistant covers a fantastic but pricey solution. It’s also a good idea to purchase a warranty for your bean bag chair. That could be an area where additional funds are required. Though ultimately rewarding.

How To Save Money On Bean Bag Chairs

Getting bean bag chairs need not break the bank. Here are several ways to save money on bean bag chairs.

1. Go With Either Cotton Or Rayon

Bean bags upholstered in cotton or rayon are preferable to those in leather or synthetic leather. The manufacturing cost of these covers is lower. They are less sturdy since their thickness and density are reduced. They can be torn with more ease because of their lower density. Particularly fragile is rayon. However, you can save a lot of money even if you go through several of them because they are inexpensive.

2. No Inner Cover

Selecting a bean bag chair without an inner cover will help you save money. You shouldn’t need an inner surface on your bean bag if you maintain it properly. The inner shell is optional but can save you significant money.

3. Natural beads

The most cost-effective filler is made from all-natural materials. While these beads won’t miraculously cure your ailment, they will provide temporary comfort. Natural beads eventually break down into compost due to their inability to resist compression.


Now you know why bean bag chairs are so expensive. Bean bag chairs are pricey due to the high cost of their construction components. The most opulent fabrics are those made of silk and leather. Beads with different qualities might drive up the price as if they are waterproof or heat-resistant. Remember the advice if you want to save cash on your next bean bag chair purchase.

Frequently Asked Question

Is it cheaper to buy or make a beanbag chair?

Making your beanbag chair is more cost-effective than purchasing one, and it gives you the freedom to customize the final result to your tastes and the dimensions of your home. There are options for making beanbags, whether you know how to sew.

Is a bean bag Worth the Price?

Yes. A bean bag chair’s adaptability is one of its primary benefits. It can function as a seat, a backrest, a bed, and even a table in a pinch. They’re also very soft and cozy, ideal for lounging on television. They also have a low price tag compared to other home furnishings.

Are bean bags that comfortable?

Nothing beats the coziness of a bean bag chair. A bean bag is an ideal place to unwind and relax in activities, including sleeping, watching television, and reading. A bean bag is more comfortable and supportive than a regular chair since it molds to your body. Furthermore, bean bags have a wide range of uses. You can sit on them, sleep on them, or even use them as a couch. A bean bag could be the answer if you want a comfortable place to relax.

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