Can You Wash a Bean Bag Chair?

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Can you wash a bean bag chair? It is a common question. May new bean bag chairs get tensed about their dirty bean bags and want to know its cleaning process. It is highly recommended that the cover be washed occasionally or whenever the bean bag feels too loose.

After washing the cover and replacing it on your bean bag, if it still feels a little hollow inside, it’s time to get it refilled. You may bring it into our showroom and have us fill it for you, or you can order new beads and do it yourself. Follow the article to know more.

Are Bean Bags and their Filling Washable?

Yes. The bean bag chair cover may be removed and washed individually, or the entire bean bag and its contents can be washed together. You must have a good knowledge of what is inside a bean bag. However, if you can avoid doing so, cleaning the beans with the bean bag is inefficient and counterproductive.  You should be aware that there are some bean bags for which there is no removable cover.

The cover of your bean bag can be washed by hand or in a washing machine, but before you do, read the bag’s care instructions first.  Although machine washing is the most effective method, it is not the only method for cleaning a bean bag chair.

A bean bag chair can be cleaned by vacuuming or wiping it down with a microfiber towel to remove dust, food crumbs, and other debris.  To keep it healthy and new-smelling, wash your bean bag at least once a month and give it a good vacuuming or dusting at least once a week.

Are Polystyrene Beads Washable?

The polystyrene beads inside a bean bag, however, are washable. However, these polystyrene beads are not washed but instead cleaned differently. A bean bag filled with polystyrene beads could be washed with the beads still inside, but only some people bother to do so because it’s challenging to keep track of so many small objects.

However, these polystyrene beads can be sterilized using an antibacterial spray. Even an antibacterial cleaner that you make yourself is possible. If you suspect something has been mixed with the beans in the bag, I recommend replacing them rather than washing the load. The polystyrene beans sold by the same company that gave you the bean bag are of excellent quality and can be ordered with little effort. However, you should always do your best to recycle the beans properly.

How to Wash a Bean Bag Chair?

Here is a full guide on how to clean a bean bag chair.

1. Read the instruction

Before cleaning your bean bags, read the care instructions on the tags. This tag, sewn into the bean bag, is more than just a promotional item. From the ideal water temperature for cleaning to the best drying techniques, you’ll find it all there. Only with this tag’s instructions will you be able to avoid the potential for shrinking, ruining colors, or ripping your bean bag.

You can only find out if a fabric can be washed in a machine or how it reacts to different temperatures by reading the information provided on the tag. It’s not true that all bean bags are created from the same materials or look the same.

You should read the tag since doing so will help you follow the recommendations that apply to your bean bag, which in turn will make your bean bag last for a long time with minimal maintenance on your part.

2. Find the zip

Bean bags with zippers instead of handles are a modern convenience especially appreciated in households with children and pets. If not for these childproof zippers, little children and pets could be badly injured by the small parts inside the bean bag.

However, unzipping the bean bag to clean it would be difficult due to the need for a convenient grip on the zipper. So let me show you how to quickly and easily remove the bean bag’s zipper.

To begin, search for a paper clip or something similar that could open the zipper without a pull. A corn cob holder would serve the same purpose as a paper clip. If a zipper had a handle, you could now use the paper clip or corn cob holder you found to access the zipper’s hidden compartment.

3. Take off the zip

Test the ease of movement of the zip by pulling it up and down a few times. To clean your bean bag, you can now take off the cover. Remember these things as you pull the tab to open your bean bag. Avoid jamming the corn cob holder or paper clip through the zipper’s opening. Instead, you should use a more manageable paper clip as a grip.

Avoid using lubricants to avoid making the paper clip’s insertion into the zipper hole more difficult. Verify more challenging clip has been inserted through the right side of the zipper hole; otherwise, the zipper will not automatically open. Following the procedures mentioned earlier will allow you to unzip the bag from the bean bag and clean it or restock it. The paperclip should always be in the zip when finished with.

Remember that the polystyrene petals in these bags provide a significant risk of suffocation and inhalation, which could be lethal to children, pets, and even you.

4. Take Off the Cover

Not all bean bags have removable covers. The seams on some bean bags don’t even open. This type of closure is used, for instance, on bean bags stuffed with grains like beans or rice. This is why it’s essential to check the care instructions on the tag that came with your bean bag to see if the cover needs to be removed for cleaning.

If you take your time carefully, you will make a manageable mess when you remove the cover. There will inevitably be some leakage of beans, though.  Because of this, you should never do this in your living room. Make sure you have a dedicated area set out for this task.

Having a tiled floor in your workspace is preferable because it is easier to clean up afterward. Find a spot with little to no furniture and clean the floor before you start working there. A bean bag with an inner liner will simplify your life, so keep an eye out for this feature when you shop.

5. Get Rid of the Obvious Stain

If your children or dogs use bean bags frequently, they will become stained. You can begin cleaning the bean bag as soon as you see the stain, without removing the cover, stain removal will be considerably more straightforward.

The first step is to use dry doweling to clean up the spill. However, the bean bag will still be stained after being wiped. Therefore you’ll need to clean it with cleaning soap. A half-hour after pouring some of it on the stain, the discoloration should be gone. Scrub the stained area with a clean rag and cold water.

Cleaning it as part of your routine is nearly identical, and once the cover is out of the bag, it’s much simpler to work with. To remove the stain, dampen a cloth with cold water and apply the remover.

6. Drench the Cover

After the apparent stain has been removed, you can clean the cover well by soaking it in water containing stain removers. However, before soaking the cover in water to remove any dirt, you should carefully clean the surface of the bean bag.

You only need some liquid detergent and a clean cloth to accomplish this. To clean the cover of your bean bag chair, simply apply liquid detergent to a cleaning cloth and wipe down the fabric. The cover of your bean bag can now be submerged in stain-removing water for 5-10 minutes.

The bean bag cover might have any remaining stains rubbed out by rubbing it in a circular motion while still submerged in water. If you want to protect your bean bag, wait ten minutes to soak it. To avoid damaging the surface of your bean bag cover and making repairs that don’t look or feel like the original, never use anything like brushes with stiff fiber to rub off stains.

7.  Get that Bean Bag clean

Your bean bag cover can go in the washing machine or hand wash it. However, read the care instructions before throwing your bean bag in the wash. You can use detergent to wash it in a machine, but avoid using liquid fabric softeners. You can wash it, but please use the delicate cycle.

8. Allow the Bean Bag Cover to Air Dry

You shouldn’t if the bean bag labeling doesn’t specify that it can be tumble dried. If you want to keep your bean bag cover in good condition and eliminate the fire risk in your home, air drying is your best bet.

While air drying your bean bag cover is the safest and most natural alternative, it takes the longest time. Since there is no way to speed up the drying process, you must be patient and wait until it is completely dry.  Your bean bag cover will dry much more quickly if you hang it outside in the natural air.

9. Put the bean bag back together

Almost there! Follow these final steps to clean your ban bag cover. It’s time to put your bean bag back together after you’ve finished cleaning and washing it. However, you must ensure that all the materials are well dry before assembling the bean bag.

The next step is to place the inner bag inside the outer cover or pour the beans into the bag. Close the cover with the zipper now, and you’re practically done. Before storing your bean bag, unhook the paper clip or corn cob holder you used to operate the zipper.

Remember this because, as was previously indicated, the bean bag’s filling could be deadly.

If you want to accomplish this step right, see our instructions on refilling a bean bag.

Tips to keep your bean bag in shape

Keeping a bean bag in good repair is essential to maintaining its attractive appearance and comfortable feel. Following these guidelines should be helpful:

  • Don’t use your bean bag as a weapon in pillow fights, no matter how tempting it may be. It’s unjust to the pillow owner, and a prolonged altercation could cause the pillow to become deformed or even shattered.
  • Similarly, there are better items than a bean bag to rehearse landing on if you or your children are training for a future in professional wrestling. Kids love to play on their new home improvement, but you shouldn’t let them because they’ll probably end up deformed and broken.
  • Keep an eye out for knives, pencils, and keys. These are the most typical things that tear holes in our handmade bean bags.
  • Bean bag upkeep includes keeping it free of dust. Remember to give your bean bag a gentle shake every now and then, give it a wipe with a damp cloth to keep it clean, and make sure to cover it whenever it’s not in use.
  • If you’re going to be lazing in the yard, it’s best not to undress. To prolong your tan, it’s advisable to follow the same steps. A fast wipe will trick if you sweat excessively; our outdoor models are designed for such an emergency!
  • Never iron a bean bag. Although some may be tempted to use a hot iron on their bean bags to remove every last wrinkle, this is not recommended. Bean bags have slots for comfort while you sit on them, not when you wear them.
  • Please keep your bean bag out of the water. We can’t stress this enough: it’s not a floating device, and submerging it in water is guaranteed to destroy it. Choose a rubber ring every time.

What to do if the inner bag has split

We recommend against attempting a repair on your bean bag if the inner filler container has cracked; instead, purchase one of our refill bags to restore it to its full, comfortable size. For additional details, read our tutorial on stuffing a bean bag.


You have got an answer to the question,” Can you wash a bean bag chair?” The method you employ to clean your bean bag chair relies on the type of fabric used for its cover. Your bean bag chair is easily washable. In addition, fix any holes or tears in the cover before washing it.

To clean a bean bag chair in a washing machine, according to the care label. If you must use hot water, use a mild detergent. To avoid damaging your bean bag cover color, never clean it with bleach. Covers for bean bags should never be ironed or tumble dried. Always store your bean bag in a dry, pet-free environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a bean bag be left out in the rain?

Only so many objects can safely be left out in the rain regularly. Our bean bags can be used both inside and out. In a brief downpour, you need not worry; simply hang the bean bag in the sun to dry. You should protect it from the rain by moving it indoors, covering it, or putting it somewhere dry during rainfall.

Will the sun affect a bean bag?

Indoor/outdoor bean bags are perfect for lounging in the backyard with a good book or an episode of your favorite show. To counteract this, we’ve used a UV-resistant substance in their construction. However, if your bean bag is a deeper shade, it will still absorb heat. Throw a towel or blanket over it if it gets too hot to sit on.

How can you get rid of the odor in a bean bag chair?

Sprinkled over the bean bag, baking soda can also neutralize unpleasant odors. Baking soda is an all-natural deodorizer that effectively eliminates and absorbs foul odors. Wait an hour before vacuuming the baking soda from the bean bag.

Can bean bags get wet?

The good news is that the bean bag won’t be damaged if water gets inside. After getting wet, a bean bag can dry if left outside to drain. The worst part is what happens when water gets into a bean bag.

How do you refresh a bean bag chair?

Put the stuffing back into the bean bag if you took it out and put it in a trash bag. If that doesn’t work, give the bean bag a good shake for a few minutes. With this switch engaged, the beans’ air sacs will be refilled, restoring their original form.

Can I wash the foam in a bean bag?

If the beads, for instance, are made of polystyrene, they will disintegrate and cannot be cleaned. The beans can be dried by adding baking soda and setting them alone for a few days. Then you can use the nose test. You may be astonished to find that baking soda has eliminated urine odor.

Can I wash a bean bag with balls in it?

Typically, you may unseal them to remove the beans and toss the cover in the washing machine. Don’t try to clean the whole thing in the washing machine, as the beans are typically made of polystyrene and will dissolve.

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