How To Clean A Bean Bag Chair?

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How to clean a bean bag chair? It is a common question nowadays. As the use of bean bags has become massive, people are becoming more and more concerned about how to clean and maintain them.

If you are one of those people, this article is for you. In this article, we have developed the best cleaning process for bean bags of different materials and their maintenance tips. Read the full article to take care of your bean bag chairs properly.

How to Clean Bean Bag Chairs With Removable Washable Covers

Here is how to clean bean bag chairs with removable, washable covers.

  • Keep an eye out for the Warning Labels. A care tag is required for all bean bags sold everywhere. Take your time reading it so you can wash the removable cover correctly. Take note of the recommended washing and drying temperatures.
  • Have a garbage bag available before you remove a washable cover, just in case the inside sac containing the pellets is damaged. Have a garbage bag ready before you remove the washable cover in case the sac containing the pellets is damaged. Have the inside sac ready in a trash bag until you repair the tear or discard the chair if the “beans” are spilling out. It takes work to gather together millions of tiny pellets.
  • To Prevent Stains, Pre-Wash the beanbag chair. Use an enzyme stain remover or a small amount of heavy-duty laundry detergent to pretreat any stains on the cover before washing it. Work the cleanser into the fabric with your fingers or a soft bristle brush. Remove the lid and wait 15 minutes for the cleaner to operate before washing, as advised.
  • To dry, just stick to the washing directions. If you are still determining whether drying in the dryer may cause shrinking, hanging the item outside to dry is the safest bet. Put the bean bag chair back together.

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How to Clean Leather Bean Bag Chairs

Never wash leather, even if you can remove the outside. You only need a moist towel and dish soap to clean a vinyl or faux-leather bean bag. We should combine warm water and saddle or Castile soap in a small basin. Soap a microfiber cloth and wring it out until it’s barely damp. Wipe the leather cover down from the top down. If you want to clean the fabric, you should rinse them often. After the leather has dried naturally, treat it according to the manufacturer’s instructions to preserve suppleness.

How to Clean a Faux Fur Bean Bag Chair

The majority of faux fur blankets have washable covers. Care labels should always be read and followed. Put the washer’s spin speed on the slowest setting, then use the gentle cycle. Excessive tangling due to agitation can be avoided in this way. Remove moisture and fluff in the air. We should never dry faux fur in a hot dryer. We must leave the cover out to dry. Use a comb with large teeth to untangle matted hair.

Use a spray bottle of warm water and one teaspoon of hair conditioner to tame the hair. Spray a tiny section of fur and gently detangle it with the comb. Be patient and focus on a little area. You’re doing it wrong if you see fibers coming out during combing. Once the faux fur is smooth, clean the cover by wiping it down with a moist white cloth and letting it air dry.

How to Clean a Suede Bean Bag Chair

Microfiber, velour, and velvet all look similar to suede but are much simpler to care for. You can usually throw your microfiber cover into the washing machine. Care instructions should be re-read. Natural suede leather has particular requirements. Genuine suede will not hold up to water. Before doing anything further, give the suede a good vacuuming with an upholstery tool or a soft-bristled brush.

Corn flour or talcum powder can be used to absorb oil stains. Give it four hours to absorb the oil and refresh the suede entirely. Brush or hover up the powder and repeat to remove the stain as necessary. If the stain is moist, blot it with a dry, white towel and let the suede air dry. Fluff the pile back up with a brush.

If you want to clean up a mud stain, give it time to dry. The best technique to remove it is to brush it away and hoover it up. To make cleaning new suede bean bag chairs easier in the future, treat them with a stain and water-resistant substance.

How to Clean Bean Bag Chairs that Require Special Treatment


Vinyl’s longevity is excellent but has a potential downside: difficult stain removal. Here’s a suggestion:

  • Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with a few drops of warm water to form a paste.
  • Gently clean the discoloration with a toothbrush equipped with soft bristles.
  • Remove the paste by wiping it with water.
  •  Beware, though, since vinyl bean bags can kill you.


For perpetual lushness:

  • We can wipe Dust away with dry paper towels.
  • Regularly use a Hoover cleaner with a brush attachment
  • Remove crusty stains by carefully brushing them away with a soft-bristled hairbrush.
  • Do not use soap and water unless required.

Head Lice

Children of school age are the most vulnerable to catching head lice and may bring the infection home. Furthermore, it is only sometimes visible right away. On the other hand, the animals may survive briefly on inanimate items such as your bean bag chair.

If this happens to your loved ones:

  • Clean the bean bag using a Hoover.
  • You may freshen up the entire chair with a quick spritz from top to bottom using a tiny spray bottle filled with warm water and a few drops of tea tree oil.
  • For the next two days, please wrap the chair in plastic
  • Your chair will bounce back from this just like it never happened. The oil is suitable for everyone in the household, including pets. Spraying it on the head can help get rid of and keep away head lice.

Can I Put a Bean Bag in the Washing Machine?

We can typically put bean bags of cotton or polyester in a washing machine. Look at the care label or read the manual to find out how to clean the product appropriately. For best outcomes, Pull back the sleeve. Pull back the sleeve and discard the filler if loose or store it in a large bag.

Wet a rag and remove any globs of paint. The cover must be pre-soaked in a pail of cold water with liquid stain remover or 32 grams of baking soda for 5-10 minutes. Use a mild detergent and avoid liquid fabric softener when washing in cold or warm water on the delicate cycle.

Dry items in the open air. You’ll want to maintain your fashionable outdoor bean bag covers looking great for as long as possible when you discover the fantastic comfort and aesthetic value they provide.

Their resistance to weather, moisture, and temperature variations makes it simple to keep them looking like new. We can leave bean bags outside without special care or storage considerations, unlike other types of patio furniture. They only require routine cleaning and minor repairs. To ensure your lovely bean bags continue to look their best year after year, here are our five best cleaning tips.

Maintenance and Cleaning Tips for Outdoor Bean Bag Chair

Here are some exclusive tips for you:

  • You should bring your bean bag indoors while not using it outside. By keeping it inside, you can shield it from the damaging effects of acid rain and the highly concentrated airborne contaminants found in major cities. These elements can wet your outdoor bean bag covers when they land or moisture forms on them. Like acid, they can eat through any material.
  • If your outside environment is damp, you should bring the bean bags inside to prevent them from developing mildew when they are not in use. You should scorch the cloth before putting it away.
  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight may still cause some fading. The paint on your automobile and the cement on your patio is not immune to the sun’s rays. Even the most excellent and brightest colored materials and colors will fade in direct sunlight due to oxidation. Save your bean bag.

How can I clean a bean bag without removing the beans?

You have to use a lint roller for this. Notably, a lint roller is a tool specifically designed to clean fabric and clothing of lint, dust, and pet hair. It works by twisting a sticky paper roll around a central cylinder. As the user rolls the paper, which has an adhesive coating on one side, across the surface of the cloth, it collects dust and other particles. Lint rollers have many uses, such as pre-ironing garment cleaning, pet hair removal, and upholstery dusting. Therefore, using lint rollers will ensure that your bean bag becomes lint-free. Now, let’s delve into how to use them effectively.

  • First, identify the type of fabric used to make your bean bag. Identifying the type of cloth used to make your bean bag is the first step toward cleaning it. Polyester, cotton, denim, and microfiber are some textiles used to make bean bags. Different materials call for different cleaning approaches.
  • Second, sweep away dust and debris with a lint roller. You can start cleaning your bean bag after you know what material they make it from. A lint roller may easily remove dust, hair, and lint. Then, using a brand-new lint roller, go over the entire bean bag to remove any remaining lint.
  • Use rubbing alcohol to spot-clean any stains on your bean bag. Rubbing alcohol can be applied to a clean cloth and massaged into the paint to remove it. Before rubbing alcohol on the entire bean bag, test a small section to be sure it won’t ruin the fabric.
  • Remove Stubborn Stains with a Sponge and Some Water. A sponge and some water will do the trick for stains that have set in. Saturate a sponge with hot water and detergent, and get to work. Use the sponge to scrub the spot clean. The next step is to wash the area with fresh water and let it dry naturally.
  • When you’ve finished spot-cleaning your bean bag, give it a quick hoover to remove any dust or grime that may have been left behind. Use a specialized upholstery attachment when vacuuming your bean bag. Always use a specialized upholstery attachment when vacuuming. Completely hoover the bean bag, paying close attention to any folds or creases.
  • Wait to use the bean bag again until it has dried completely after vacuuming. Don’t risk ruining the bean bag by drying it in the dryer. Put the bean bag in direct sunlight if you can; the UV rays will assist in getting rid of any germs or mold lurking in there.
  • It’s easy to keep your bean bag clean. Keeping your bean bag clean and odor-free for years is as easy as following these tips.

Cleaning Tips for Bean Spills

Don’t freak out if you experience a bean bag equivalent to a snowstorm while filling or refilling its contents. The little polyester snowflakes can be bothersome, but we can manage them. Do not attempt to fix the problem by sweeping it up with a broom and dustpan. If the incident takes place inside, use a Hoover.

To prevent losing the beans, start by emptying the soil reservoir and replacing it with a new bag. Additionally, to avoid taking up dirt with the beans, make sure to keep the nozzle a few millimeters off the ground. In case any spills occur outside, it is advisable to use an outdoor hoover. However, it is important to stay away from any blowers. Moreover, if beans are spilled in your pool, remember to turn off the pump and use a leaf skimmer to remove them.

Getting red wine stains out of a bean bag

Even if the feared red wine stain is a problem, bleach would worsen things. Bleach can discolor bean bags, often making them look worse than before. The ancient cliché that white wine can remove red wine stains is a myth; this remedy will not work on bean bags. If the red wine has stained your bean bag, here’s how to restore the color:

  • If red wine spills on your bean bag, act quickly by dabbing the affected area with a dry cloth to remove as much of the wine as possible before it seeps into the fabric.
  • The next step is to use a terry towel dampened with plain water to blot the stain.
  • Add two drops of dishwashing liquid if the stain lingers after being dabbed with water.
  • You can also use a specific upholstery or carpet cleaning product to remove stubborn red wine stains.
  • Like with carpet, you can remove some stains on your bean bag immediately if you take care of them when they first appear, but others may be impossible to clean. Avoid putting off dealing with an issue until later by giving it your best effort right now.

How to store your outdoor bean bag covers?

Bring the bean bags inside for a covered, dry outdoor space or a garage. However, it is important to note that you should only submerge your bean bag in water if it is one of our pool goods. Alternatively, you can use the outdoor bean bags we typically sell differently. It is worth mentioning that chlorine, acid, and other chemicals can swiftly fade colors in pool water.

We used waterproof Polyester for the standard cover of our outdoor bean bag. The surface prevents water from evaporating or escaping if it gets wet. Mold and mildew can grow because of the product’s inability to release stored moisture, mainly if used in a humid environment. Bean bags can be dried by turning them inside out and placing them in direct sunshine for a short period.

Mold can grow on your bean bags if you keep them damp and out of the sun. How to get rid of mildew on clothes is discussed, and worried about the unknown plant life on your patio set? Compare and contrast mildew and mold. Your bean bags will inevitably get soiled from time to time. Use a clean, damp cloth and warm, soapy water to eliminate outdoor dirt, grime, food spills, and other mistakes. Maintaining the cleanliness and attractiveness of your bean bags is as simple as giving them the occasional thorough cleaning.

Only use light soap or detergent that has been diluted, and never use bleach. If you’ve just finished washing the underside of your bean bags and want to put them back on the floor, you should wait until the fabric is completely dry to avoid encouraging the formation of mold.

How Often to Clean a Bean Bag Chair

Bean bag chairs require regular cleaning, much as more conventional upholstered furniture. The quantity of use, the presence of pets, and the fabric type influence how often an item needs to be cleaned. There are, nevertheless, a few broad guidelines to follow. If you want to avoid permanent stains, you should clean up any food or mud spills as a way. We should use the upholstery brush on our vacuum or microfiber cloth a week to dust all chair fabrics.


Now you know how to clean a bean bag chair. We have tried our best to give you complete tips on cleaning and maintaining a beanbag chair.

Let us know if you have any other questions regarding cleaning bean bag chairs. In addition, please follow our given guidelines to clean your bean bags more effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean a bean bag at home?

Spot-cleaning your bean bag with a moist towel and soapy water will yield the most outstanding results. When cleaning a place, use gentle, circular motions. We can remove more stubborn stains using a damp, soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub the area, followed by a dry cloth to remove the moisture.

How do you clean a foam-filled bean bag chair?

Here is the full process:

  • Use a brush attachment on your Hoover to remove dirt.
  • Spot-clean your upholstery with a product made for that purpose.
  • Like washing your hair, you should wash your hands in cold water with a few pumps of gentle liquid hand soap pumps.
  • Wait 15 to 20 minutes, and then try again.
  • Do a complete rinse by wringing out a wet washcloth.

How do you clean bean bag fillings?

Here is how to clean the feeling:

  • The beans should be treated with anti-static spray. You can get this at any shopping mall. If you don’t have it, use Bi-Carb Soda instead and sprinkle it over the beans. If you don’t have either, spray water over the beans as finely as possible.
  • You can’t get the beans onto the dustpan because of the static, which is a significant issue. Now, sweep the beans into the wastebasket using the widest broom you own. Or you could use a big sheet of cardboard.
  • More miniature brooms can only push the air about so much before they become ineffective. Hence, larger ones are preferable.
  • Since the beans will scatter at the first hint of wind, you must work slowly and methodically.

How do you empty a bean bag without making a mess?

Here is the procedure:

  • Pull out the inner zipper chute from the beanbag, place the other end of the Tube/bottle into the chute, and do up the zipper tightly to the Tube/bottle; this will minimize the escape of the beads. While holding the zip/funnel around the Tube/bottle, slowly empty the beads of the beanbag or into the bean bag if refilling.
  • The loss of beans when filling a bean bag can be reduced by creating a funnel out of a piece of card, inserting the funnel into the chute, and then closing the zipper around the horn. When filling a bean bag, have one person hold the funnel while the other person holds the bag of beans. Slowly pour the beans into the funnel; by eyeballing the filling rate, you can ensure that they deposited all beans into the beanbag, and none are falling out.
  • Overfilling a bean bag reduces comfort and puts an unnecessary strain on the seams and zipper. Moreover, when a child sits on a beanbag, it can add 15–35 kilograms to its weight, resulting in significant pressure on the seams. Therefore, it is recommended to fill the bean bag to about 85% of its capacity to maintain optimal comfort and prevent excessive strain on the seams. It is easier to add filling than to remove it.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to pick up loose beans from the floor, as they can harm humans and dogs if ingested. Furthermore, you can recycle the beans you pick up by using a bagless vacuum cleaner like a Dyson.
  • If you follow the instructions, filling your new bean bag should take only a few minutes and produce a minimal mess.
  • Please recycle the plastic bags that your items and refills arrived in. Additionally, remember that these bags might be hazardous if youngsters get ahold of them. Therefore, it is important to dispose of them promptly after use.

How do you clean a bag fast?

To clean the handbag, start by putting a tablespoon of mild laundry detergent in a bowl of warm water. Next, use a sponge to scrub the bag clean. Afterward, rinse the sponge in clean water to remove the detergent. Finally, dry the handbag with a clean, dry cloth.

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