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Giant bean bag beds have been one of the most trendy pieces of furniture you can desire to have in your room. As it is a new trend in the home decorator, people have so many curiosities about those beds.

They often ask about safety, availability, price, style, and other things before buying. If you are one of those people, this article is especially for you. We have described all you need to know about giant bean bag beds.

Our Recommended Giant Bean Bag Beds

JKYOU Comfy Chair for Bedroom

The JKYOU Comfy Chair for Bedroom is the ultimate combination of comfort and style. The giant fur bean bag cover is made of high-quality faux fur that is soft and fluffy to the touch, providing a luxurious seating experience. Its large round shape is perfect for lounging and snuggling up in, making it a great addition to any living space. The giant bean bag bed coat design is versatile and can be used as a chair, bed, or sofa, making it perfect for movie nights, gaming or just relaxing after a long day. Overall, the product is of exceptional quality and is highly recommended for anyone looking for a comfortable and stylish seating option that adds a touch of luxury to their living space.

Big Fluffy Beanbag Bed

Giant bean bag beds

The Giant Bean Bag bed is an absolute gem of a product and is the perfect addition to any household. This comfortable and stylish seating option offers excellent support to your body, allowing you to relax and unwind in complete comfort. The microsuede material is soft and luxurious, and the cover can be easily removed and machine-washed, making it a breeze to keep clean and fresh.

This sofa bean bag cover comes in a wide range of colors to suit any decor style, making it a versatile and attractive addition to your living room, bedroom, playroom, or dorm room. Although the filling is not included, it is easy to fill with your preferred material such as foam, beans, or shredded memory foam.

In summary, the Giant Bean Bag Sofa is a high-quality and long-lasting investment that offers unparalleled comfort and style. While the price may seem steep, its durability and comfort make it well worth the investment for anyone seeking a cozy and stylish seating option in their home.

CordaRoy’s Faux Fur Bean Bag Chair

The CordaRoy’s Faux Fur Bean Bag Chair is a game changer when it comes to convertible furniture. As someone who loves hosting friends and family, I’ve always struggled to find a comfortable and practical option for extra sleeping space. This product is not only stylish and cozy, but it’s also incredibly easy to convert from a chair to a full-size bed in just a few seconds. The soft, washable faux fur cover is a luxurious touch that makes it even more inviting. I appreciate the extra-long zipper for easy removal and cleaning. The assembly process was straightforward, and the result is a comfortable and versatile addition to any room. Highly recommend

Can you sleep in giant bean bag beds?

If you’re wondering if a beanbag chair is suitable for overnight use, the answer is a resounding “YES!” High-quality beans with spring-like properties are used to stuff bean bags. You can rest assured that everyone in the United States will recognize the name of this bag brand.

When you don’t fill the bean bags to full, they leave the air between the beans and the fabric, giving the bag a soft, spherical feel. When you spend the night in a beanbag chair, the compressed air inside gives you the sensation of sleeping on a cloud.

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Are Bean Bag Chairs Comfortable?

What are the benefits of sleeping in a bean bag?

Improved blood circulation

The air in the beans and the memory foam structure of the foam make for a more comfortable and supportive surface than a traditional string or air mattress. Bean bag beds allow you to sleep with improved blood circulation without straining your muscles.

Relieves back and neck pain

With the help of memory foam and little beans, the pressure in your back and neck are relieved while you sleep on an air cushion-like structure. Regular bean bag sleepers report less back and neck pain without needing yoga or medication.

The ideal level of coziness

Coziness wraps you up without feeling awkwardly hugged, providing a firm yet gentle grip wherever your body touches the cushion. They paired the premium beans with equally premium packaging.

What is the correct density to sleep on a bean bed?

The density of the stuffing is an essential factor in how well you sleep. While shopping for a bean bag bed, density is a major consideration. The combined mass of a beanbag and its Stuffing is what we mean when discussing its thickness. Beds with a density of less than 5.0 may not provide adequate support for the back and shoulders, leading to pain. Choosing the right mattress thickness can lead to a more restful and healthy night’s sleep.

Verify that the density can bear your body weight. We should distribute weight uniformly throughout the bean bag. The pressure can be removed, which will return the object to its original form due to increased density.

What size bean bag chair should I use as a bed?

Nothing beats the ease and convenience of a beanbag chair when it comes to lounging and watching TV. We can find bean bags in a wide range of sizes and forms. The most crucial factors in making it comfortable as a bed are your height and the proportions of the beanbag.

Pick a size that works for you. The right density is required so that it can hold your weight. Bean bags are versatile soft furniture that can serve several purposes. You can relax on them all day long as a daytime chair. Unzipping the cover creates a transportable bed that can be used almost anywhere.

Bean bags chair or bed – which is better?

Using a bean bag in place of a bed is perfectly acceptable. Before settling on a course of action, you may want to think about the following:

  • Space
  • Maintenance
  • Portability
  • Cost


One common issue many people have in their homes is more storage space. The giant bean bag bed could be the perfect answer for your little bedroom. A bed and mattress in a room can make it difficult to move around or do other things. Yet, the bean bag bed takes up far less room than traditional chairs. As a result, a beanbag chair can double as a bed if you’re short on square footage.


We can say the same for the bed, mattress, and bean bag beds. Nonetheless, the mattress and sheets need to be cleaned frequently. All the sheets and pillowcases add up. You can simplify the bean bag chair’s cleaning process by machine washing its removable cover. The bean bag bed eliminates the need for a pillow, which you might otherwise want to use. You can rest your head on it; it will feel as good as a cushion.


Beds and mattresses might be a pain to move around if you ever decide you want to give your room a new look. The bed and mattress are typically big, cumbersome, and unmovable.

Bean bag chairs are easy to move about and reconfigure on your own. Bean bag beds are typically lighter than a bed, making them convenient to move from one location to another.


The price of a bed and mattress, especially one with more space, may be greater than that of a beanbag. It could cost more because you’ll need to buy bedding accessories like sheets, pillows, etc. They are unnecessary additions to a beanbag chair. Your home generally already has everything else you’ll need, with the possible exception of a blanket.

Does the bean bag chair convert into a bed?

The answer is yes, a comfy bed may be made from one of the convertible bean bags. In a jiffy, you can transform your large bean bag chair into a comfy bed. Unzipping the safe-lock zipper, taking off the cover, and flipping the inner cushion will transform the chair into a bed. Simply revert the bean bag to its original form by folding and sliding the cushion back into its cover. So simple, even a child could do it!

If you are interested in purchasing a bean bag chair that can convert into a bed, make sure to do some research and look for products that are specifically designed for this purpose. You can find a variety of options online or in furniture stores.

Is it safe to sleep in a bean bag chair?

The bean bags are completely risk-free to use as beds. You can get a decent night’s rest on a huge bean bag at a friend’s house if you plan to spend the night. Its springs provide dependable, soft-yet-firm support, making them ideal for a good night’s sleep. There are specially-made bean bags for infants. We advise against allowing them or children under 12 months to sleep on traditional bean bag chairs because of the risk of suffocation or inhaling the filling. Don’t bother about it, Are bean bags healthy?

Can adults use giant bean bags?

Certainly! Adults can definitely enjoy using giant bean bags without any hesitation. Giant bean bags offer a comfortable and cozy seating option that is suitable for people of all ages. Whether you want to create a relaxing spot in your living room, set up a cozy reading corner, or even furnish your outdoor space, these oversized bean bags are a perfect choice. You can lounge, unwind, and enjoy a moment of relaxation after a long day. So go ahead, embrace the comfort of a giant bean bag, and make the most of your leisure time.

What do I need to know before buying giant bean bag beds?

1. Inside and outside

We made the vast majority of bean bag purchases intuitively rather than rationally. However, the prospective purchaser is still responsible for learning the basics. Checking whether a bean bag includes an inside bag is the first step. If the outer bag gets torn, the bean bag’s contents can leak out onto the floor. You should go for a beanbag with two bags, the inner one packed with polystyrene beads and the outer one that can be removed to be washed or cleaned.

2. Bean bag bed shape and size

The prospective purchaser has to determine the size and shape of a beanbag, which is the most contentious part of the purchase. It’s easy; pick a form that works for you. Choose a pear-shaped (Game, Play) or similar-shaped (Razzy, Razz, Roll) bean bag with a handle if you plan on transporting it from one location to another. Children today love lounging on bean bags.

Bean bags in the shape of armchairs, or “L,” are extremely common and include Seat, Tube, and Lounge varieties. Bean bags with a strict shape are better suited for public spaces like living rooms, and offices. Two-person bean bag sofas are an alternative. There are also compact and functional poufs.

3. Material

The customers make the ultimate selection based on the bag’s good or bad looks, but they rarely consider the fabric used for the outside. They often construct bean bags out of soft polyester, best kept indoors, or synthetic leather that may be used anywhere. If you have dogs, you should consider purchasing faux leather furniture because it is easy to clean and does not attract pet hair.

 Fabrics treated with unique layers to prevent liquid absorption are worth mentioning as a contemporary substitute for synthetic leather. We must construct bean bags from durable materials: an elastic textile interior bag packed with beads and a washable exterior bag fabric.

4. Functionality

Functionality is the fourth factor to consider. We propose bean bags made of water-resistant textiles for use in the garden, terrace, beside a swimming pool, or even on the lake coast, and that you heed the advice of designers not to overfill the space with too much furniture. We suggest making a set of bean bags big enough to lounge on but soft enough to put stuff on. You can use the Soft-Table variant as a stool or, with a pallet, as a makeshift table.

5. Beads

You should stuff the bean bag carefully. You can stuff the bean bag with buckwheat hulls, crushed polystyrene foam, or EPS beads. The natural filling is the heaviest and most expensive option, while ground polystyrene foam wears out rapidly and is quite inexpensive to produce. Beads made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) are the best option. Ensure the bean bag filling you choose is inflammable and has a certificate to verify it.

6. Bindings

The final factor to consider is the quality of the bean bag’s stitching and zippers. The necessity to resew the bean bag due to weak stitches is a severe problem if they tear easily. To prevent the fabric from raveling and guarantee a high-quality finished product, it is essential that all stitches be doubled and even and that the edges of all textile parts (cut-outs) be threaded-hemmed.

Using sturdy zippers with large teeth is recommended for outdoor bags. The floor will be safe from exposed zippers if sewn into the cloth. Bean bags have zippers that allow you to remove the sack and add or remove the beads. A bean bag with thoughtful construction allows the user to adjust the level of softness and can be easily cleaned.

You may update the look of your house or other location of choice while saving money to invest in items that will last with the help of these six recommendations from our experts. A bean bag’s superior construction ensures it will last many years. The good news continues because bean bags always stay in style.

How do you style a giant bean bag bed?

1. Think About the Color Scheme

Your bean bag must complement the room in which they place it. Senior creative stylist at Modsy, Karina Lameraner, suggested picking a beanbag chair to complement the existing furnishings. Otherwise, “no matter how you style it, it’ll stick out like a sore thumb.” Luckily, this procedure is quite easy and uncomplicated. Lameraner advised choosing a bean bag that fits the property’s existing color scheme and materials.

2. Use bean bag beds to add texture to your room

Before adding a beanbag chair to your living room, consider what you hope to achieve. According to Betsy Moyer, co-founder of Airbnb consulting and design firm Retreat, bean bags are a great way to add texture to a room. She also advised decorating with beanbags, saying, “Use the beanbag much like you would a pouf in your decor, or get a pair as the repetition will have greater impact.”

3. Use Your Imagination With the shape of giant bean bag beds

Bean bags are traditionally round. However, there are many more shapes available. If you want to appear more put together, Lameraner suggests using shaped bean bag beds. The high backs of some bean bags add to the relaxing experience.

4. Make Your Bean Bag Fit the Room’s Décor

Treat your bean bag like any other piece of furniture if you want your living room to look put together. “If you style your sofa and side chairs with cushions, try choosing a tiny throw pillow for the bean bag,” Lameraner advised. “That way, it will fit in and feel like part of the decor rather than an odd man out.”

5. Choose Your Fabrics Wisely

As designer Malka Helft put it, “Kids have a tendency to eat while sitting on [bean bag chairs], and you want to be sure you can easily clean them!” it’s important to choose a material that can be cleaned easily in the event of a spill.

Moyer prefers natural materials like leather, fur, or seagrass, but you may want to be more conservative if your home is intended only for older people.

6. And shower it with a little extra affection

As interior designer Brianna Hill put it, “Lighting—whether it is a small lamp on a table or hanging lamp—will make the area look more inviting and aesthetically pleasing.”

7. Wall Decorations Should Not Be Overlooked

Following the above, you may decorate the walls around the bean bag in many ways: “Put either hanging or potted plants near the bean bag chair to give the area some life,” advised Hill.

How do you clean giant bean bag beds?


A suede bag will be ruined if you try to wash it in the ways described above. Instead:

  • Use a wet terrycloth rag to rub down spills.
  • Use a mix of two parts water to one part vinegar on stubborn stains.
  • Move the metal suede brush around in a circular motion as you clean.
  • Apply a protective spray that can withstand moisture.
  • Spray it down with the protection spray to clean it easily and without risking damage.


Vinyl’s longevity is excellent but has a potential downside: difficult stain removal. Here’s a suggestion:

  • Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with a few drops of warm water to form a paste.
  • Gently clean the discoloration with a toothbrush equipped with soft bristles.
  • Remove the paste by wiping it with water.
  • That bed is guaranteed to impress everybody who sees it. Beware, though, since vinyl bean bags can kill you.


Nobody wants to scrub away the plushness of something they’ve snuggled with. For perpetual lushness:

  • Dust can be wiped away with dry paper towels.
  • Regularly use a Hoover cleaner with a brush attachment
  • Remove crusty stains by carefully brushing them away with a soft-bristled hairbrush.
  • Do not use soap and water unless required.

Faux Fur

Faux fur bean bags are both plush and stylish. If you wash them wrong, they will look like a wet kitty. Clean them in this manner:

  • Use a brush attachment on your Hoover to remove dirt.
  • To clean stubborn stains, use a product designed specifically for upholstery.
  • Like washing your hair, washing your hands requires cold water and a small amount of gentle liquid soap.
  • Wait 15 to 20 minutes, and then try again.
  • Use a ringed-out, moist cloth to thoroughly rinse.
  • Use a combination of cold water and softener on your clothes.
  • Ten-minute soaking time
  • Use a clean, moist cloth to thoroughly rinse.
  • Fan dry after toweling off.
  • When the fur is dry, use a wide-toothed comb to brush it lightly.

Head Lice

 Children of school age are most susceptible to contracting head lice and may bring an infestation home at some point. Moreover, it is only sometimes obvious immediately away. The animals, however, may exist on inanimate objects like your bean bag chair for a short period.

If this happens to your loved ones:

  • Clean the bean bag using a Hoover.
  • You may freshen up the entire chair with a quick spritz from top to bottom using a tiny spray bottle filled with warm water and a few drops of tea tree oil.
  • For the next two days, please wrap the chair in plastic
  • Your chair will bounce back from this just like it never happened. The oil is suitable for everyone in the household, including pets. Spraying it on the head can help get rid of and keep away head lice.

How to Clean Outdoor Big Bean Bag Beds

Once you’ve experienced the superior convenience and visual appeal of our fashionable outdoor bean bag covers, you’ll want to take good care of them for as long as possible.

They can survive rain, moisture, and temperature changes, so keeping them clean and looking new is simple. Bean bags, unlike other forms of outdoor furniture, will be fine without special items or extensive preparations for storage. They only require routine cleaning and minor repairs. Keep your lovely bean bags looking new for years by following these top five cleaning recommendations. You can see here how to clean a bean bag.

How to maintain against bean bag bed?

  • Bring your bean bag indoors when the weather is bad. Storing it indoors protects it from acid rain and the highly concentrated airborne contaminants in large cities, such as gases, oxidants, and toxic compounds. Rain or condensation will eventually soak the covers of your outdoor bean bags if these things fall and accumulate on them. They’re like acid to cloth and can chew through it.
  • The bean bags are water-resistant, but prolonged contact with damp environments can cause the growth of mold and mildew, which is unhealthy and unpleasant to the eyes and nose. It can be challenging to eradicate mold from a cloth after it has penetrated it. If you have bean bags and your outside environment is damp, you should move them indoors while not in use to prevent mold growth. Make sure the fabric is completely dry before putting it away.
  • Even though we employ the most fade-resistant fabrics available, prolonged exposure to the sun for days or weeks may still produce fading in our bean bags. The paint on your automobile and the cement on your patio is not immune to the sun’s rays. Even the nicest and brightest colored materials and paints will fade in direct sunlight due to oxidation.


Now you know all the necessary information about giant bean bag beds. Bean bags are a great replacement for beds for guests only staying the night. It only takes up a little room and can be relocated with minimal effort. It’s perfect for overnight guests following a get-together or a long gaming session.

Many options suit your needs, whether you want to use it as a huge couch or a bed for good. You’ll get a fantastic night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day because of how supportive and comfortable it is for your back and neck.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are giant bean bags filled with?

Just think about what is inside the bean bags. Most bean bags are filled with expanded polystyrene (EPS), a synthetic substance. Extruded polystyrene (EPS) is a stiff plastic polymer similar to styrofoam.

What can I do with a giant bean bag?

  1. Practicing your mid-air poses is the most obvious and straightforward use for a giant bean bag. Life’s greatest pleasures are jumping into the air, striking a pose, and landing on a foam-filled bag. When you do a running jump, it feels like you will stay in the air forever before you finally touch down on your comfy bean bag chair. Before you land, someone could wait with a camera in the wings to snap some fantastic Facebook photos.
  2. Another entertaining activity involving a huge bean bag is photographing it in unusual settings. Take a picture of yourself in the backyard with it as if it belonged there all along. Where about in the heart of your campus? In the plaza beyond the shopping center? You could even share a few and have your friends try to guess where you were when you snapped the photo. It’s more exciting when you have a variety of covers for it; for example, a leopard-print chair cover is appropriate for a gaming cafe but not in a dense forest.
  3. The social benefits of a big bean bag include its capacity for multiple users at once. Explore the maximum number of simultaneous riders. You can play guessing games in which you try to deduce the other person’s actions while they are facing in a different direction. You can also gather some friends and hang out in your recliner while chatting and having a good time. Having everyone in one place at once is a tonne of fun.

Is a bean bag bed bad for posture?

No. Bean bags alleviate stress and back discomfort by correcting improper posture and giving you the necessary support to realign your muscles and joints. They may be adjusted to fit people of varying heights, widths, and weights, allowing you to rest easy while giving your back the support it needs.

Style and Comfort with Giant Bean Bag Beds | Bean Bags Guide |
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Style and Comfort with Giant Bean Bag Beds | Bean Bags Guide |
Giant bean bag beds have been one of the most trendy pieces of furniture you can desire to have in your room. As it is a new trend in the home decorator, people have so many curiosities about those beds.

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